VoIP Solutions

Are you ready to communicate in a smarter, cheaper and faster manner?

Let our VoIP phone system revolutionize the way you connect within your organization as well outside! Our Voice over Internet Protocol Service (VoIP) enables you make use of the Internet to make and receive phone calls.

At Web on Hub, we understand just how important it is for businesses to stay connected and accessible. This is why we help you use the power of internet by providing you with affordable and practical bundles of phone, data, and video services, all unified in service so you can make the most of your existing internet services without having to pay for additional exorbitant phone bills.

Enjoy the rapidity, security and flexibility of VoIP communications.

A Unified Communications Infrastructure That Fits Your Business!

The VoIP communications service not only helps you save significant amount of money on costs but it also simplifies your network architecture and helps your organization in streamlining the communications process.

We understand that as a small business owner, flexibility and scalability is paramount for you and your organization. When you switch to the internet-based VoIP phone system, you get the power to stay connected whether in your office or at home. Additionally you enjoy better security and round the clock access to the information you need.

Better Communications = Smarter Employees = More Satisfied Customers!

Our VoIP phone system works spectacularly with small businesses. Not only do you get to enjoy reduced costs, but our VoIP products also ensure improved productivity and better collaboration between your staff.

The Web on Hub

Voice over Internet Protocol Service

helps your organization set up video calls and other collaborative tools without any hustle. It offers better ways for your employees, staff and customers to stay connected as it is easier to see who is available on their desk to take the call RIGHT NOW!

It also makes it easier you and your staff to work from anywhere there is an internet connection. This ensures timely completion of projects with the seamless connectivity only offered by VoIP. Other features of VoIP include voicemail, call forwarding, call conferencing and unlimited long distance calls over the internet.

Easy to Setup, Even Easier To Use!

To set up VoIP, you will need a broadband internet connection; VoIP enabled phones and computer software for VoIP. And at Web on Hub, we have just the right VoIP products to ensure a successful

Let us set up our organization for success by providing the right VoIP solutions for you!

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