Integration tools: Live Chat, Feedback, Ticket Support

Your customers expect round the clock service…

Do you have what it takes to fulfill their expectations?

They have many ways to find your business and even more ways to tell the world what they think about your products and services via websites, social media and mobile apps etc.

Let us help you provide exceptional customer services with our state-of-the-art Integration Tools.

Multi-Channel Customer Support That Truly Delivers

At Web on Hub we make sure that you always stay on top of customer communication. This is the most important part of giving unparalleled experience to your customers. Remember, one bad user experience is all it takes to damage a company’s brand image!

We give your customer service staff a more simplified and streamlined workflow that leads to more meaningful organization of each customer’s comments and/or queries. It also makes for better management of support content.

Live Chat Integration for the Modern Organization

Live chat not only helps provide real-time support to customers but it is also an essential tool for closing leads and learning about buyer behavior.

Our live chat integration services let you communicate with your website visitors instantaneously. It doesn’t involve the installation of any specialized software on the user’s PC and you or your operators can simply communicate with them via the browser window.

We setup live chat integration for you quickly and efficiently.

Tickets: The Perfect Tool for Customer Satisfaction

Your customers can leave feedback via email, phone, social media and live chat!

How do you ensure seamless service delivery no matter what channel they use?

Our experienced engineers can set up a ticketing system that lets your service staff see the tickets that have been assigned to them. They can conveniently mark the tickets as resolved and efficiently provide customers the services they need the most.

Get To Know Your Customers and Manage Their Feedback

Our feedback tool provides you with a feature-rich portal where you can create centralized profiles for each of your customers. So not only does it become a great experience to keep track of all their comments, questions, queries and all sorts of feedback, but it is an extremely important tool to keep all the info on your customers.

And when Live Chat integration, ticket support and customer feedback tools comes together your organization gets the unbeatable power to command complete customer satisfaction!

You know how to satisfy your customers in the best possible manner, and we have the tools to help you do just that!

Place an order for out integration tools right now to give your clients the support they really deserve!

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